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wash was,, scrub a bub dub, toothpaste in the tub. 

GOOD HEALTH  washing with all substances, ( externally and give enemas )

            please listen and watch video.

Drinking or taking any strong or drug or strong herbs or  substances in to the belly makes a person  sick and is often the cause of death.

warning death may accrue if you take a pill, any pill. so  so don't take them. use alternative medicine such as biorhythms, herbs and vitamins. use also forced water enemas, with an approved water supply. 


An enema bottle is usually a plastic container attached to a lubricated nozzle that is used to fill the colon with water. These are typically filled with water for people to give others or themselves an enema — a process used to force the colon to expel waste material through the anus. Enema bottles are often intended for single use and are usually pliable, allowing the user to squeeze the bottle to force water up through the nozzle which is inserted in the anus. but MANY HANG UP ON A HOOK AND are safer more effective, to get the solution's in the colon and past the anus into the colon cavities, many solutions are great and reduce stress and make a person feel so much better,  Don't over do. but you can use this every time you go eliminate waste through the colon safely. this is some times called a Dundee, or enema device.

Enemas given in a medical setting often use a bag or bulb syringe to administer water into the colon, while enemas for home use cost little and are effective, some are water bottles also, for heat and cool, They are often used to stimulate the bowels when a person is suffering from many colon or health problems and is much better than stool softeners  to remove impacted fecal matter. Enemas can also be used to administer medications for inflammatory bowel disease and other gastrointestinal problems. Sometimes they are used to rehydrate a person who cannot receive fluids intravenously. the inside of the colon be checked for abnormalities or disease. And any substance can be used if not poison, to remove or aid in healthy colon and feel much better and is truly better than oral use of the same substance. so use a dilution your needful drugs or herbs internally by enema (but use with moderation don't over do it )


 Just dilute and Wash externally with all substances that are not poison and be healthy, on the out side of your body too.


this is the quack have good health.